WordCamp Montréal: Professional WordPress Deployment

At WordCamp Montréal 2013, Rami Sayar talked about moving from a developed product to a deployed one. Slides. Here are my notes:

Professional software

  • High-availability, very reliable, being maintained and kept up-to-date continuously.
  • Managed releases - they’re tested, and it’s clear what changes are being sent out.
  • Only a select few can access production and deploy there.
  • Uses a consistent, versioned, automated software stack so that software is guaranteed to work across environments.
  • Uses automated deployment to go quickly, without downtime.
  • Software is auditable, with quality logs dating far back.

“World-class frontends need world-class backends”

  • Developer operations (devops) has to be everywhere throughout development.
  • Check out ProWP.org for devops resources.


  • Use submodules to track and manage histories separately.
  • Don’t clone WordPress, fork it then use it as the upstream repo. This allows you to get new changes from WordPress as they come.

Vagrant/Packer.io for machine images

  • Vagrant is a tool to describe a virtual machine.
  • Vagrantpress is an Ubuntu Vagrant machine which is already setup with WordPress included.
  • Packer.io allows building identical cross-platform images.


  • Chef and Puppet are two similar tools to allow for configuration file deployment.
  • Chef is better for multi-server deployments (as it requires a lead server which others get config instructions from), whilst Puppet is better for single-server or a very limited number of servers.


  • WP-CLI allows for the creation and control of WordPress installations using the command line.
  • For open-source projects, use a tool such as Travis CI or Jenkins for testing.
  • New Relic is a good tool for server monitoring, while Nagios is a good open source alternative.
  • When performing host migrations, employ a code freeze as well as a content freeze (at least, do so for staging).
  • memcached + batcache are a powerful combination for caching.
  • The Automattic Developer plugin provides tons of great plugins for development purposes.

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