A change of typeface

I’ve changed the typeface used for the main body copy on this site. It was Freight Text Pro, but I’m now using Proxima Nova.

Why the change?

Freight Text wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Firstly, it wasn’t rendering very nicely for me. Secondly, I wanted to change away from a serif face. We’re used to reading sans-serif on the web by now, I don’t see a need here for a serif.

Along with changing the typeface, I also decreased the overall type size. It was far too in your face previously. One of the skills of a designer is to know when to apply constraint — previously I hadn’t done so.

The new typeface pairing will be reminiscent of Svbtle. I mean no disrespect to Dustin, but rather the utmost respect as a designer for what he achieved there. I like Proxima Nova as body text, and keeping Freight Sans for the headings looked nicer to me than Proxima Nova did.

I’m hoping the new typeface and type sizing are a bit easier on the eyes for everyone reading here.

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