WordCamp Montréal: Build a Website on the Moon: WordPress Development from Anywhere

At WordCamp Montréal 2013, Sarah Semark talked about how to develop WordPress sites from just about anywhere. Slides. Here are my notes:

Why local development rocks

  • Faster development - no need to wait for uploads.
  • Better testing - change all the file without affecting production.
  • Version control - keep a revision history using git.
  • A nicer production server - it’s more stable, with less downtime and outages.
  • Collaboration - can work better because you don’t have two people editing the same files.
  • Deployment - can automate deployment, getting rid of a lot of human error.


  • Use an XAMP stack (Operating system, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for your server.
  • Git for version control.
  • Automation scripts to sync your database changes.


  • Set up your virtual hosts, allowing multiple sites, each with their own “domain” (can use something like wallybills.dev).


  • A very fast system to track changes.
  • Use your remote, or staging, location (like GitHub or BitBucket) to solve conflicts, not production.
  • Setup your .gitignore file to ignore wp-config.php, all machine-specific files, and anything with sensitive data.
  • On production, keep your .git/ folder one level above your web root (public_html/, or www/, or similar).

Database automation

  • Keep all your site data in sync when you make file changes. (Sarah has some files on GitHub Gist to help you out here.)
  • Pull data down from production to your local machine so you have real content created by clients to style.
  • Don’t use PHPMyAdmin to sync. Automate it.
  • Keep the table prefix the same between local and production, for simplicity’s sake.


  • Keep the .git folder out of the web root.
  • No sensitive files in the web root.
  • You can move wp-config.php up one level from the WordPress install location, and WordPress will still find it.

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