Write in the Open

I do all my writing in the open. Anyone can view what I'm working on, the ugly drafts and the stupid ideas, at any time. This rocks.

How do I write in the open? For those adventurous few who want to delve into my site’s GitHub repo, they can see all the writing I have. They can see the finished articles, the drafts, and the discarded but never deleted ideas. It’s all there.

Be accountable

By writing in the open, I’m accountable. I know that someone could be reading my work long before it’s available, so I have to make it top-notch. Not only that, but I know that they could be looking at my work from months ago, which pushes me to make better content that outshines that writing.

They can see that I have works which are still not published, and that I haven’t seen fit to delete it yet. I’m accountable to the people who see my writing sitting unpublished, because they know I have unfinished work. I don’t like having unfinished work, so it pushes me to finish it.

Be transparent

By writing in the open, I can give sneak peeks. People see my work before it’s unpublished, and they get a chance to look at my process. They can see the work evolve by looking at the piece’s history. For example, I recently broke out a section of a larger essay I was writing into its own article, which ended up being my piece about my writing workflow.

Opening the veil like this allows people to see some of my thought process. They can watch the evolution of my thoughts and learn more about me along the way.

Transparency is great, because it builds trust. And having people who trust you is an awesome thing.

Be bold

Go ahead, put your unfinished work out there. Be bold, be confident. Don’t be afraid of what it might say about you. Do it often enough, and it’ll be a part of who you are, and people will come to respect and value you for it.

I look forward to seeing your unfinished work.

P.S. Want to see my latest unfinished work? You can read my aforementioned essay on writing. If you have some thoughts on it, I’d love to hear them.

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