The Boy on the Bus

The first thing he said to me was that he was, “[thankful] there’s no bees in the bus!” He went on to describe his life at school. He’s got two teachers (though he’s not sure why), and his favourite thing to do is recess.

He then prompted me to explain that I’m 15 and in Grade 10 at a nearby highschool. (“Wow!”)

Our conversation roamed wildly, as they’re apt to do when one of the participants is a little boy full of wonder. We went on to converse about a wide range of topics, from his love of playing games on his (passed-down) iPhone 4, to his recent trip to Legoland. (I didn’t know we had one. He told me the website and recommended I check it out.)

He then told me that he only plays a few games on his iPhone, because his mom doesn’t make a lot of money and they can’t afford much. He says he looks forward to when he turns 10 or 11, so he can take up a paper route and make some extra money. Very young though he is, he’s already showing a passion and desire to go beyond what life’s given him.

We parted on good terms. I had to get off, and our conversation ran right up until that point. He gave me a high-five and then we went our own separate ways, me to wander home and he to continue on a life of adventure.

Today was Say Hi Day. The smallest things can make the biggest impacts. Get to know the people around you. Their stories will leave a lasting impression on your life.

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