The Star Trek Future

Star Trek paints a very nice vision of the future. It considers where we could be in a few hundred years. Its version of that future has us using our newfound spare time to take advantage of those core activities that have made us happy for so much of our history—reading, music, art. And when we’re not doing those things we’re most likely to be found spending time face-to-face with one another.

But the version of the future that’s playing out is a bit different. Reading, music, and art are all fading a little bit in terms of participation—we consume with great pleasure, but there’s little by way of creation on the part of the everyday person. And when we spend time “together”, we’re more often than not not actually together.

I’d like some more of that Star Trek vision of the future. Doing the things we’ve loved forever. Being with people in person.

Oh, and all the spaceships and such would be pretty great, too.

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