A triumphant... update?

It’s funny to look around at other people’s sites, because so often you’ll see spurts of activity followed by long periods of silence. It’s unfortunate because sometimes that content is really, really good, and you want to read more of it.

Usually, right before (or a while after) the content gap, there’s a post which explains the absence. Often the silence is attributed to something like a new job, or other commitments which take up the time that would normally be dedicated to the site.

Here’s my post to that effect.

Working hard

I’ve taken on a new client. I’m now working for the Liberal Party of Canada, as a contracted web developer.

It’s fun, new, exciting stuff that I’m happy to have a hand in.

I should also thank WordCamp Montréal for allowing this connection to happen. It was while I waited in line for the complimentary conference ice cream that I met the man who was nice enough to hire me.

It’s been great work so far, and I look forward to much more of it.

Speaking words

In more exciting news, my application to speak at WordCamp Toronto 2013 has been accepted. I’ll be providing a user oriented session, explaining how best to hire and work with a developer to see your idea to completion.

It’s coming together nicely, and I’m so excited for the conference. It’s looking to be a great time, once again.

Studying books

Summer flew by, and now it’s time to return to my school and continue with my “day job.” I’m glad to be back.

So… what about articles?

I’m incredibly proud of the work I put out over the summer. I can’t make any promises that I’ll put out work in the same quantity during this year. (I have a feeling I’ll maintain my high quality standards for essays, though.) It’s looking to be incredibly busy already, and it’ll only get busier as we go along.

Regardless, there’s a few ideas I’ve got kickin’ around. I’m excited to see where this will all go.

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