Perspectives on Struggling and Death

He battled with the mast, trying to keep it together so he wouldn’t be stranded. As he heard another crack, he paused before continuing his efforts. He thought about his life—about his friends, about his family, about his accomplishments. He realized that he was happy with his life. He had done all that he wished to do, there was no more for him. With that, he knew what he had to do. He quit his fight with a smile on his face, and let the sea swallow him along with his little craft.

His family began the ceremony with sniffles and tears. “We’re gathered here today to remember a man, a great man who was cruelly taken from us too soon.” The various audience members shook their heads in agreement, mourning what was, to them, a great tragedy.

“The most horrifying aspect of this is that we lost him before he was ready to go. So much more of his life did he have to live with us, but a cruel force decided we were not to share in it with him.”

The ceremony continued, with audience members taking their turn at the podium to speak about their experience with him. The underlying theme to the words everyone spoke was that his life had been cut short, ended before he–and they–were ready for it.

His wife gave the closing words, “We can rest assured that he did not go down without a fight. I know my husband. As he was on his beloved ship, at no point did he consider giving up. Never did he stop trying to overcome the ocean, to get back to us. We can rest assured that he died trying to come back for us, for the life he loved so much.”

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