Link: Finding ways not to call the police

When you call the cops, you participate in a regime of violence against poor and working class people of color in this city. It’s part of gentrification, it’s part of racism and it’s part of genocide. If we’re calling the police, we’re voting for that system—instead of putting time and effort into creating real and new responses to harm and engaging with the people around us in that process.


Go read the piece.

I wasn’t familiar with the term “prison industrial complex” before reading this (and to be honest, I’ll have to read much more to really grasp it), but it’s reminding me of some past research I did into community/social justice initiatives.

I don’t have the energy to write up more right now, but this is a topic I’d like to revisit in the future. If you’re stuck and want to do something about it right now (which makes you a great human being), Community Justice Initiatives is an organization which makes great strides locally in this field. It’s the season of giving, throw a few bucks their way.

Okay, let’s agree to be better human beings tomorrow than we were today. We can start that by listening to the voices around us a bit more. (And then a lot more.)

PS—This may mark another turning point for this site, into more of a linkblog. I read a lot, and I’m growing increasingly weary of just tweeting out links to articles without any thoughts attached, or not even sharing the writing at all. Maybe this site will be the outlet, maybe something else.

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