A New Website

This is it. The new version of ecustom.ca. One could call it version 3.0, after several major iterations previous, but I prefer to think of it as version 1.0.

With this new ecustom.ca, I am moving on from my previous delusions of grandeur in using the website as a selling point for my business. Now, ecustom.ca represents me, and me alone, as my personal website. With that, I am moving my branding away from one of a company style to one where I am the brand. I feel this is the best way to move forward.

I may migrate some of my posts over from the old ecustom.ca, but that remains to be seen based on what I believe to be the quality of those articles not fitting in with the new standards I am setting for myself here.

With that said, I plan to publish some good pieces of journalism, from objective essays to more personal, emotional pieces. I know that I have plenty of great content planned; the test will be how regularly I will be able to create and share it.

Expect a coming post detailing the technology powering the website, as well as a more detailed history of ecustom.ca throughout the past few years.

With all that said, welcome to my new home! Feel free to send me comments and feedback through Twitter. Cheers!

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